Identify & Recruit

Service Providers, Employees, Partners, VARs, OEMs, M&As.

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Evaluate, Select, Engage

Reputation, Experience, Cultural Fit, Language Skills, Capacity.

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Sustain & Grow

Disparate Resources and Partners, Goals, Deadlines, Success.

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International Sourcing & Expansion Management


LeitzmannGrillo specializes in corporate transatlantic expansions. Our emphasis is the procurement, assessment, and coordination of contacts and resources.


As we all know, organizing a meaningful task or project requires careful planning and diligent execution...the larger the undertaking, the more complex the challenges. Expanding your business into the international arena is just that type of complex challenge – One that LeitzmannGrillo can help you with.

Our proven methods will help to keep your international expansion project in perspective, identify critical gaps before they become costly mistakes, maximize contacts & relationships, and ensure your ultimate success. Partnering with LeitzmannGrillo provides you with an expert partner who understands where your business is, where you want to go and just how to get you there.


Our successful formula begins with a needs analysis that aims to streamline disparate and complex expansion processes into a manageable, transparent framework.

Based on your needs, we identify and recruit potential international service providers, employees, and/or business partners.

All contacts are screened thoroughly to assure maximum compatibility with your objectives and a best possible integration with your value system, communication style, and culture.

We offer onsite, bilingual, and true dual-location representation helping you to monitor progress and apply measurable standards.


LeitzmannGrillo specializes in US to Germany (and bordering regions) and Germany to US expansions


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